BtB Software: LIMS; Designed for Public Health and Private Clinical Laboratories

Use your local system (SQL 2008 and above) or in the Cloud using Microsoft Azure

Updates (Rabies Software V2)

NEW: Now with LN34 PCR testing as per CDC guidelines

Customized for State/Reference Laboratories

Exports Data to the CDC in their required format, exports in to local systems using CSV.

Comprehensive search and lookup, multiple human/animal contact tracking.

Extensive security levels and tracking of changes.

Available from the cloud (Azure), your local SQL system or a single PC using the free copy of SQL Express.

Updates (Dairy Software)

Our Dairy Laboratory Software has been updated to include a Report Generator for the Search Module. You now have complete control of the output which can be saved and named.

Statistics are included as Facility vs Test and Facility vs Date and Test for granular reporting of test counts.
All reports may be printed or exported to a spreadsheet with a single click.

HL7 2.5.1 Interface/CalRedie

BtB Software is live with our CalRedie interface for Reportable Diseases (California Title 17 section 2505).
The interface includes extraction of data, formatting as HL72.5.1, packaging the data using our Sweeper Interface and using SOAP to transmit to CalRedie for processing 

BtB Software is available for consultation for your HL7 interface needs.

LIMS Software Modules:

Hematology, Urinalysis, Environmental (Coliforms, Dairy, Chemistry, BioThreat/ChemThreat, Food Borne Diseases Outbreaks), Rabies, TB, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Syphilis, Chlamydia, HIV), Virology, Herpes, Rubella, Parasitology, Bacteriology, Mycology, Lead Testing and Molecular Diagnosis.  

Built-in or user defined worksheets, manual or automated resulting, Upload/Download of results/demographics. Billing (paper or electronic), Accounts/Receivable, Statistics & Searches are included.

Zip code Tables

USA zip codes are used for all programs.  A zip code updater is included so the tables can be "freshened" as needed.

Zip codes are supplied by SimpleMaps:

BtB Dairy Software just updated:

Designed for the State, Regional, County or Private Laboratory testing samples from multiple providers.


Run in the cloud, on your own servers managed by your IT department or a single PC

Fill out the contact information for access to the more information, a real-time demo or to request a live demo by BtB Software

Key Features:

  • Multiple collection sites from providers

  • Complete Chain of Custody

    • Multiple links for hand-offs

  • Surge Registration/Priority Lists

  • Track Temperatures, Sample Condition and reason

  • Notification of Critical test results

  • Ad hoc or invoice billing

  • Optional links to Accounts/Receivable

  • Paper Worksheets with imbedded Quality Control

  • Print Laboratory Reports (Slips)

  • Search for results/stats/provider lists

  • Secure log-in with tracking

  • (New) Report Designer for Searches and Statistics

The software has granular password access to the design and program access.  Secure login and tracking is included to meet all modern security standards.

It can be run on your in-house SQL system supported by your IT department or in the cloud using Microsoft Azure or Amazon (AWS).  You may also run the software on a single PC using the free Microsoft SQLExpress (ver. 2008 or above)

HL7/XML and ANSI837 standards are supported. Highly customizable and cost effective, available as SaaS or Client Server (SQL)+ Web-based reporting.  Custom bi-directional interfaces to outside hospital/clinics are available using any version of HL7 or XML formats.

Environmental Testing, Dairy, Rabies and Compliance software modules are now available as stand-alone products that work without buying the full LIMS system.

You  may also purchase parts of the LIMS system and activate new features as your needs grow.

Please see our CONTACT PAGE to request access to the download page, for more information, a remote demonstration or demo software. Note: If you are using our contact page to sell us your email list, please don’t! We won’t respond to this time of contact.

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