BtB Software had it origins in the good old days of CP/M using dual 8 inch floppy disks an a whopping 16kb of RAM for program design.

This modern version of the software is available as client-server using SQL Server (2008 and above), SQL express on a single PC or using Microsoft Azure as a cloud enabled system.

The local client-server is maintained by your IT department, the single PC is maintained by the user (with the help of BtB Software) and the Azure system is managed by BtB Software.

An Azure RemoteApp configuration will let the software run on any OS:  Windows, Mac or Linux.

The software has been updated from it's original form of a proprietary database to it's current configuration using SQL Server (2008 or above) with a Visual Studio front end.  A web interface as well as HL7 bi-directional data transfer for those users who need that feature.  The software is kept in escrow to protect the users.

BtB Software is small, but nimble and we now have virtually all features in user definable tables. 

Our staff has background in Public Health Laboratories and Electrical engineering to handle all of the aspects of the modern LIMS including HL7 and XML connections to outside entities, ANSI837 electronic billing and interfaces to laboratory instruments.

We are available for consultation for all aspects of the Public Health Lab and LIMS design

We'll help you keep your ducks (and cormorants) in a row.