Water Analysis

Stand alone version for Water (Coliform) testing.

User definable tests. customizable water results (5, 10, 15 tubes, Quantitray), panic values, spike chemical tests, multiple Chain-of-Custody tracking,  providers with multiple sites, one-time-samples, print field collection sheets.  

Searches, Invoices and statistics are built-in.

Interacts with optional Accounts/Receivable module.

Designed for the State, Regional or County Laboratory testing samples from multiple providers.

Key Features:

  • Multiple collection sites from providers
  • Complete Chain of Custody
  • Multiple links for hand-offs
  • Surge Registration/Priority Lists
  • Track Temperatures, Sample Condition and reason
  • Notification of Critical test results
  • Ad hoc or invoice billing
  • Optional links to Accounts/Receivable
  • Paper Worksheets with imbedded Quality Control
  • Print Laboratory Reports (Slips)
  • Search for results/stats/provider lists
  • Secure log-in with tracking

Run in the cloud, on your own servers or a single PC

Full featured Demo available, Click here to sign up for access