Dairy Laboratory

Software for Laboratory Testing of Dairy Samples

BtB Software's Dairy Laboratory package is designed to handle all of the sample processing needs of a modern Dairy Lab.  From initial Intake to reporting, billing and quality control, it is a complete package to help you process and report all of your dairy tests.

The software package includes lab slips (reports) ready for mailing, Search and Statistics, Billing (and an optional A/R package), customization of search and display for most all items in a GUI environment.  

Run the software using Microsoft SQL (your network), a single PC or in the Cloud using Microsoft Azure or most any other Cloud based host.


  • Security:
    • Granular password access and tracking of all data input and changes using a unique Staff ID and time/date stamp.
  • Sample Intake:
    • A single provider or multiple collection sites for each provider.
    • Chain of Custody, including options for multiple hand-off tracking.
    • FreeText, canned comments or paragraphs may be attached to samples.
    • Warnings (with overwrite) for out of range values when entered (e.g. low/high temperatures).
  • Worksheets:
    • Custom worksheets available for each type of test.
    • Quality Control for all reagents, linked to testing batches with expiration dates flagged as "# Days to Expire" or "Expired!" stored in the database and printed on worksheets.
  • Lab Slip (Reports)
    • "Reason for Edits" for all changes/edits on reports.
    • All data points may be edited, with full tracking on the changes.
    • Options to add free text, canned or paragraph comments to any result.
    • Results in violation may be flagged.
    • Out-of-Range/Critical  results are automatically flagged.
    • All Lab Slips may be autosaved on your network (saved as a pdf file in a shared directory). Lab slips are flagged with unique sequential numbers so any old report or sequence may be retrieved for review.
  • Searches and Statistics
    • Print, save (pdf) or export as a spreadsheet.
    • User customizable controls for each saved search:
      • Column Name
      • Width (when printed)
      • Landscape or Portrait printing
      • Paper type / size (Letter, Legal, A4, etc.)
      • Search Filters (built in):
        • Normal tests
        • Repeats
        • Final
        • Unsatisfactory Reports
        • Statistics by Test Facility
        • Statistics by Facility vs date (Received or Reported)
        • Corrected Reports by Date
        • Turn Around Time


  • Paper Invoices are printable in the Search Module if your lab needs to bill customers.
  • Accounts/Receivable module (optional) is available to track payment.


  • GUI interface for control of tests names, pricing and out of range values.
  • Switches to hide or select features in the program.
  • Manage data displayed to the user:
    • Test Names
    • Epi Information
    • Worksheets
    • Sample Condition
    • Volumes
    • Comments
    • Methods and prices
    • Temperature Ranges

Tracking Logs (print or export as spreadsheet)

  • Print Log (Printer Name, Location, date/time and staff ID printing)
  • QC Log (QC items attached to a Batch)
  • Reason Log (Reason for Edits)
  • PDF Log (laboratory Report (Lab Slips) saved as PDF. All changes  are saved as a separate, unique PDF file and may be re-printed here.


Live DEMO is available using our Azure database.  Remote Demonstrations of the software to get  you up and running rapidly.

Please request the demo or live remote demonstration on the contact page (click here)

Customization for your unique needs are available, added as user selectable "Switches" so other user may adapt or ignore custom designs instituted by other laboratories.

On-going Telephone, email and remote support is available as needed are part of the standard maintenance agreement.