Stand alone version Rabies Laboratory Testing:  Track specimen collection and status history, contact sources and tracking.  Quality control with multiple conjugates and readers, custom lists, invoices, built in statistics by month (for State reporting), agency or animal.  Interacts with optional Accounts/Receivable module.

NEW, now with resulting using LN34 PCR as per the new CDC guidelines


Specimen Intake:

Rapid data Entry


Date/time Collected

Date/Time Received

Submitter / Organization

Result and location comments

Animal History:


Vaccination status

Quarantine status

Animal Demographics (Name, weight, age)

License number and type

Contact Status

Multiple Human/Animal contacts


how died



Specimen submission status

Reference Lab Tracking

Contact tracking

Unlimited # of contacts


Call log

Exposure type

Worksheets- DFA and PCR

Identify Brain sections on the worksheet

Print worksheets with Multiple Readers, conjugates (DFA)

Quality Control built into worksheets

Searches and Reports

Customize Search Reports

Invoice Agencies


Specimens by Month

Specimens by Agency

Specimens by Animal name


Run in the Cloud, on your SQL server or a single PC.

Export data to CDC and your local EPI system.

We will customize the software for your specific needs.

Try the Rabies program using our Azure server

(no cost, free training (remote) and manual)